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I always wanted to talk to a girl but every time, I feel nervous. I can’t find a true friend. I want to know, how to make new friends and how to talk to a girl properly.

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Noor @daddynoor

I’m a girl and I can feel you. Even I want a true friend but can’t find one. I’ve had really bad experiences in my past regarding friendship.

Devil Devil @virain



try getting a friend of yours to introduce you to girls that share an interest with you. that way instead of thinking about talking to a girl, you can be a little distracted talking about this thing you like, or that you both dislike. maybe tell them that you have trouble talking to girls prior to really engaging in conversation so they’ll be more patient with you.

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Introvert ✨ @priz

I’m a girl !
Same here , It’s really difficult to get a pure soul 😭


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