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I always remember when I was small and was playing in the park someone joined me we played together, then she went to the slide and played there, I was afraid of heights so i never played slide, but she urged me then I went up the ladder but when it came to slide down, I was so afraid then I didn’t slide down and went back I remember being very scared, even now I don’t dare go in slide even it is a 4 or 5 foot tall slide I don’t dare go I am very very scared…remembering this moment I always think my life is like a slide thou I am able to climb up the ladder, trying my best, doing everything possible, but at last when I have to slide down I am scared to tak the last step, feeling if I take this step, it will be the end of me, what if I fall? What if I get hurt?? So I get down and even more disappointed that I can’t even do this single thing. Rather than slides I like swings it would go up high and down the way I want, I like it very much. thou I am not able to do anything, I feel my dream and ambition is like the swing, just like when it go up high ,my dreams to do many things like get rich, and buy many things also gets higher, when I swing down I feel like how am I be able to do these things I am not capable of it, but then again the swings go high, like as my dreams get high…and I am not able to stop it at any rate… I also remember the strange feeling when I played the Sea-saw, when ever I looked around i see everyone child happily with their friend while I was playing it with my parents, even whenever I played with anyone I get a great fear…I think it described my personal life, the fear I get when the other child is down but I am up high, is like that I don’t trust the other person, I feel constant insecure and not believe them…then again when there is no one to play with me, I sitting one side of sea saw feeling because of my behavior no one is willing to sit on the other side of sea saw, I being like this I am helpless and can only get help by my parents to be up in the sea saw…I know thing can’t go on like this but I feel such useless… even before I started anything I feel I am already failed in it… I am always afraid to try and I feel Whenever I try there would be something blocking my way… leading me to think I am destined to be a failure…I just need that someone who can help me up in the sea saw, who can help me down the slide, who can help me stop the swing…

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You are afraid because you always think about the consequences behind, everything has a consequence, it can be bad so as well as it can be good, you have to let go and close your eyes, every feeling is temporary and wanting to taste something will trigger you even more, you want to do it but you’re afraid of judgement, you are trying but you feel trapped by yourself, you’re the only one who can help you, the mini you inside of you, you need to let go, breathe

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Ishan pathik @pathik

I totally understand it… I have had this exact same feeling for a very long time… yes! You must have a person who you can talk and share with… feel less lonely with… I am here… we are here…🤍


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