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Still @stillstanding

I always hide emotional drains I accumulate them and they just keep piling up? All the sentences people have said to me done to me i remember play a little imagination, and i keep them stored. I wish to meet someone chat with someone live a life without burden for one day or even an hour.

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Tuli @incognitoo

Happens with me as well. It feels like everyday is giving me some burden which I cannot seem to get rid off. Only if I could remember such details of the good times as well. Life would be amazing. But I’ve understood that everyone around me has this same problem it’s just that they are better at hiding it than I’m and it makes me feel better to know that am not alone. The trick is in diverting our mind when such thoughts come up but then again it’s not easy, it’s hard to break off from the old habits but I do try and am gonna keep trying.

Still @stillstanding

I get that but it feels like cheating on me by myself! I neglect myself

Tuli @incognitoo

Humans evolved in a way that they overthink and rethink all the bad things and over time our imagination just makes these situations way worse than they actually were.
I recently read this book called “Rip It Up” by Richard Wiseman. It’s a MUST READ, it explains the science behind why we react the way we do and how what we feel is completely under our control.


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