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I always hear the phrase “Be yourself”, I try to do that but many people around me would not accept it. For instance, today I went to watch the Sonic Movie and I was really excited for it, but my brother warned me to stop being excited and “autistic”. Another example, a lot of people say that my large, puffy, mushroom-like hair is unacceptable and I have to look “presentable”. Today I got a haircut and I hate it. There are more examples but it would make this too long. I don’t get it, be myself, I am trying at the fullest to do that, but only my closest friends accept it (problem is I seldom see them or talk to them). So others won’t seem to let me be myself… what kind of reality is this?

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Hey! You have to understand, it is your life, ‘you’ have to live it. It is your body, you have to live with it. Don’t think about others. I know it will take time, but you’ll learn it. I face that too, but think about all those who love you, who know who you are! Live for them, not for those who don’t even want to know you. 
Remember, sometimes, it is better to be selfish.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, please don’t change yourself with what others want. Live your life in the way you want. Live as per your choices and dislikes without any worry.


True that. Most people cannot accept other people being okay in their skin.
They project their insecurities and shortcomings onto others, more content people in life.
The world is just following the herd culture, even someone who stands out a little bit seems to offend them.
I suppose it just reminds them of their worthless, pitiful, slave-like lives and how someone seems to have stepped out of that matrix.
For real though, please please please BE YOURSELF. Never stop being yourself. That’s exactly what they want. To take away from you what is yours, what makes you unique.
And don’t you worry. In life, there are always very few people who actually understand us. Most people pretend to, and they pretend to care. So, you’re better off without those people.
“Don’t dim your sparkle for anyone.Especially those who are intimidated by its shine” ✨ ~ Sarah Centrella


Hello! That is also a problem that I struggle with too. People often say that but their actions contradict themselves.
As my grandpa once told me, “Even if people don’t like you, their opinions don’t matter because you can still live by yourself. Just focus on the important stuff in life.” Personally, I enjoy being alone so I can take this literally but the important thing is to remember that as long as you’re true to yourself you’ll be happier (as long as you don’t hurt anyone along the way). I once wanted to cut my hair and went against my mother (My family strongly believed that girls should have long hair while boys should have short hair). I won and got my hair cut and I felt free for the first time in my life. For that little moment, I was truly happy. 
So don’t change yourself because of other people’s opinions. As long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone then keep going. You should only change if you want to better yourself as a person. Don’t change yourself for others (There’s no such thing as right or wrong. Opinions differ throughout time. At the end of the day opinions are just what they are, they’re just opinions). Change yourself for yourself. If you don’t want to change then don’t change. As long as you accept yourself you’ll find others that will too. Just remember that you’re not alone. 
I hope that you’ll have a nice day!

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey! You have to understand, it is your life, ‘you’ have to live it. Don’t think about what people say. They always say but it’s our lookout how much importance we give to those words. Good luck


Don’t worry about what others think of you when being yourself.


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