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I always eat a lot for this past few weeks. And not feeling full?

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Hey there. I completely relate to this. There was a time when I was binge eating so much and still didn’t feel satisfied. This usually used to happen at night, after 10pm. I used to hide away from people and eat food. I really couldn’t control myself. The only thing that helped me was acceptance. Accepting that it’s okay and that I need to control myself slowly and gradually. I started reducing the portions I used to eat at night, started finding alternatives like lemon water, kombucha etc, which were low calorie and at the same made me feel satiated. Try to analyse what triggers you to eat a lot and which foods make you feel full and which don’t. Try to consume a lot of high-volume food like vegetables. All the best! xx


It’s completely normal. However, try to compensate the extra calories with some cardio and lots of water to avoid feeling guilty.


it is ok! Just don’t overeat.


It is normal. Along with eating, try some physical work out and exercises. Also, drink alot of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods. Pay focus on health and well being. Don’t overdo eating.


This usually happens . Don’t worry. Even i have a time when i eat so much and don’t feel full ,and the time when i eat so less and feel my tummy full. I feel that is common with us all. But do exercise regularly and stay hydrated also. Good luck!