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How to overcome the fear of social anxiety? How to overcome the fear being not liking me? This anxieties have been killing me inside everyday, sometimes i wanna talk with people and have fun in crowned places but the fear of people keeps lingering!! And being around pretty peoples is even more mess up!! I never took off my mask whenever I go out or colleges because i think people might not like me!! And since i have never been sociable with others it even make more difficult to breathe with them!! The pressures of studies and being a A+ students is hard after my lockdown my grades got down so much that i lost the student i used to be :)) sad endings always for me . Not able to speak my mind and not able to share , holding the tears in is hard but it’s normal now !! Just a thought i wanted to always share i wish i could say it loud in reality too but well i guess i am more comfortable in virtual. Thanks for reading upto here and listening my nonsense haha.

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Sohani ✨ @sohani_04


Dude just be the real you and let the world know how amazing you are and don’t give a damn to what others are gonna think about you or talk about you. Your real friend will always accept you the way you are and will also have fun with you. Faking your own personality will only lead to discomfort and you judging yourself which is not at all advisable. Try to accept yourself first and then let the people see this amazing personality.
Take care.
Lots of love and hugsπŸ«‚πŸ’—


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