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How to control feelings
A guy purposed me to get in relationship. Bt i refused coz due to family conditions i have not much tym to study i have only 1 year to study and get a good job and on the same time i don’t know him much and even i am a distracted girl and i can’t manage relationship and study together
Bt every tym when i think about him or when he text me, i get distracted from my studies and i could not study. So what should i do, how to control it.

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Agree with the first comment. You gotta prioritize things. Getting into a relationship requires putting efforts. You don’t have time for that right now because you got only a year to study as you mentioned. Relationships can happen later. Career can’t.
If this guy is really into you, he would understand that your priority is to study right now. And won’t bother you by pinging you. Specially when you have told him what you have to do now. Focus on things you have planned for yourself.
After a year when you have your career sorted, you can get in touch with him and see where it goes.
Good luck! Stay strong. Take care.


i totally agree
if it is making u uncomfortable u better talk to him about it


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