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belle @belles21

How is it that I can have so many people around me but yet feel so alone. When I try to describe and tell people how I feel they try to come up with solutions. Most of the time not very good ones. I don’t think I’m looking for something magical to come in and fix my life. I’m just looking to be heard. To be understood.

I’m living the same day on repeat. It’s the most tiring thing. However most days I do nothing. My whole body aches. My head aches. It never stops. Nothing ever stops. The thoughts, memories, things I regret doing and things i regret not doing.
I haven’t had “normal” sleep in years. I say normal in quotations because of how much I find the word awful in itself. I know I’m not normal. I’ve heard there’s no such thing as normal my whole life, but there’s a spectrum of normal out there. I’m not on it.

I am stuck In my own head and I’m afraid it will always be that way. I never blame anyone for not understanding it is my problem at the end of the day. Peoples have their own lives and own minds to deal with so I could never blame a person for not wanting to hear about mine.

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GUNAGNYA @vigneshvemon

I have been through the same feeling. The best solution is start enjoying with whom you are. And start enjoying being with yourself. I got out the same way.


Ok let me comeup with a ancient theory to make u feel better! So when there was nthg much for the early man to do in their every day they used to come up with new things and activities to keep their mind busy. They slowly got entertained through those things! What iam trying to say is throw urself at new activities and experiences that’s the only way to keep our mind sane! If not we keep falling into the empty voids and end up feeling nthg makes sense.


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