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How easy is it actually to tell someone that you are hurting. That there is something that you need in your soul that you can’t find. It’s out of reach. And it hurts.

You can be subtle. You can scream it from a rooftop. Does anyone truly hear you. See you. Hear the pain. See it?

I feel broken. I told that to someone. A couple people actually. People I felt pretty comfortable with. And it was hard. To be that vulnerable. And admit that. Why on earth would anyone ever want to Amrit that.

But I did. I said it. Like a very faint cry for help. That was mostly unanswered. Or answered with ‘we are all broken’ in a cavalier way. Dismissing

Maybe it’s true. Do we all hurt this bad. Do we all long and yearn for something we aren’t getting. Are we all just waiting for that one person to look at us and say. You are beautiful. And you are wanted. And you are not broken. And to be touched and felt. And feel.

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Hi, I am so proud of you for gaining that strength to tell people that you were hurting. I know it takes a lot of courage and I am so glad that you were able to do that. It’s a big step and it’s a step forward.

You are beautiful. And you are wanted. And you are not broken!


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