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How do I make the jealously and insecurity go away…no matter how hard I try and push myself to do the things I want…I still fail…and I dont get the results I expect…Im okay one day and when I try again the anxiety floods back in…I dont think im good enough…and when I feel okay to try…the results tell me otherwise…I feel like im always wrong…and when people give me their advice and tell me they’re there for me it makes me feel weak…and insecure all over again…I just feel like if the things I try so hard to do, dont come to fruition I have nothing left…Im tired of feeling this way…but the anxiety is overwhelming.

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Please Don’t overthink on what people Told to you. From that Just keep what is good for you and other harmful part let it just go away.

Let not your thinking & emotions are driven by other people, be yourself don’t feel insecure


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