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How does it feel to be all alone in life and no friends no love.

It feels okay sometimes to be in your DreamWorld but it’s very lonely tbh.

Any thoughts

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Same with me


Wanaa connect??

Dr. @freebirdmisha

Well it’s the same scenario with me. I used to have thousands of friends but now it’s zero and I am glad that I have no friends because no friends is much better than worst friends. You don’t need anyone in your life except you and your family members. They are the real friends who will always support you in every possible way and will never leave you. Just focus on yourself, don’t wast your life focusing on others. Minding your own business helps your create your better self. There are so many things which you can try like solo travelling, sports, series , beauty, cafés etc. Remember, when you focus on you, you grow, when you focus on shit, shit grows.


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