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How do i get rid of toxic friendships? I know i am stronger than this situation and i know these people wont matter after a few years but i see this friend every day and all he does is make me feel that i am the worst person and everybody hates me. She behaves like she is the boss but really she does not even have 2-3 friends. I wish i had never met her. I am scared she will talk shit about me in college if i end this friendship. I have 3 honest friends and lots of good friends in my life but i just dont understand how she eds up roping me in her drama every single time. I have tried confronting and talking but she always plays the victim card. Honestly i think i can get rid of her but i cant hear shit about me! Any suggestions please? :(

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hey there . ive been in relationships like these myself and this is my personal experience and this is not at all an advice because maybe what id doe was wrong . but because you shared your story im sharing mine . a lot of people started talking shit about me in 11th and trust me i grew up a little early . this person was a complete outsider and he started to get a hold over my friends . even the ones that i had known for ages . i had been a part of this school for 12 years . all my life i worked towards a reputation and image that was being ruined even amongst the students . i considered this person a friend but now i was insecure . i made sure that i do away with him . for good . i personally made sure i was aware of everything that was going on with him because people like these have temporary friends who flip sides like a coin . eventually these are the people he was the most boastful about which didnt even consider him to be a friend any longer . i eventually got to them telling them about everything hed been doing and they trusted me because if the image i had . it wasnt all false but sometimes its neccesary to be smart and set people straight . sometimes you have to show them whos the boss and its good for your own self esteem . standing up to bullies like these mostly never works because theyre too proud to admit anything . but once you know what theyre the most proud about gradually try n take it away . and in the process just let them know youre capable of making them taste their own medicine . but dont do it all the way theyre human too . i didnt stop until i showed them their place . this isnt the most right approach and this must be the worst comment but people who trouble you knowingly deserve it . do it so that its an example . bullies are always insecure of something . find out about it . talk to them about it . if they still dont listen you know what to do . this was my story . what you learn from it is totally perspective based . id say for now confront her . be gentle talk it out if shes a friend
even if she isnt you try being one . do everything you can . but if you still feel threatened . you know what to do . this isnt the person i am now . ive changed . but sometimes you have to take the road less travelled. also im always here for you if you want someone to lsten to you . thanks .


Hey thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate that.
Umm I am not really a person who fights with the dirty pigs( my toxic friend) coz I don’t want to disturb my peace of mind.
Thank you for your suggestion. You’re definitely a very brave person. :)


im glad it helped but youre not at peace if youre scared theyll cause you harm . anyways youre brave too and if you wanna talk abour anything else im here for you


Yeah you’re right I won’t be at peace this way. 😅


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