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jay/red @idk_696969

Honestly, I need to be better. I hate myself so much. The smallest fucking thing happens and I blow it out of proportion and get all butthurt over literally nothing! I’m a mess, a terrible friend, a lazy kid in general, and I’ve failed my parents as a daughter.

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Trisha @daydreamr


Actually , I’m also in the same condition like u … i don’t know why !! Every thing I do , went wrong πŸ₯Ίβ€¦

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Jithin S @jithiee


I strongly empathise for you here.

But am not here to make it worse by repearing the past,but by telling you some remedies

But Believing in yourself is what you should do first.
-Talk to your parents, friends who you feel comfortable with(dont ask for a solution,just talk)
-Write what you are gonna do on a daily basis (dont worry if you dont do it or not, just write it down)

And the next thing you need to believe is
Time heals everything, almost everything.

Scars may remain, but it can cure the wound


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