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Avni @avni

Hoarders go through extreme mental stress, no joke. At a glance, it is kind of obvious they are trying to fillsome void and as lay persons it is easier to judge and say, you could just stop. Its not easy like that. The core problem in my experience could be not being present in the moment and always thinking about the future. So, the anxious mind is always whirring to get that product before the sale ends,that bogo offer, its already on what to buy even before you have recieved the previous stuff. The list to buy stretches loner every day and it is sooo much stress trying to keep up with it, financially and mentally.
To anybody who might relate,i urge you to ground yourself, be in touch with your body, try finishing off all current stash of whatever you have already bought before buying again. Implement a no buy month. stick to it, reward yourself later. I hope this helps:)

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