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Hii I suffer from childhood emotional neglect my father is narcissist and he totally lives for himself. Due to which I suffer from lack of self I don’t know who I am forget about self esteem. That motherfucker is a liar and womanizer too. I constantly worry about how other people think about myself panic anxiety have become common. I cannot stand for myself. Please someone help me ? I happen to be a good student and had other interest too but now I lack all these.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through these issues because of your father, for no fault of yours. Your current situation is totally understandable. And since I’m sure this must have been something you are feeling and facing for a long long time, it is best to take the advice of some professional who can help you cope with the panic anxiety. It happens like this that in the case of panic and anxiety, one is unable to sometimes cope or come out of it if it gets too serious. So, to go to the root of the problem, a psychologist or therapist will be able to help out the best because everybody suffers from different reasons, and it is important to identify what triggers you, and how to take care of that.


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