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hi there,
my life is fully messed up. and I don’t know how to get back my life on the right track.
most of the time I live in the pst only. and I just remember that things that are messed up me fully. one of them is a girl with whom I was In a relationship for almost 3 years, she messed me fully. she used to be in a relationship with our guys along with me and I don’t even know that.l ast 7 months ago I came to know that and then I broke up with her from that month we stop talking but I just remember that why she did that to me. and im unable to overcome this.
of anyone have solution plz guys let me know.
and plz don’t say move on .its annoying and I heard that from lot of people so plz.
I’m suffering a lot.
thank you

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your anger and hurt is justified and ive been in the same situation. knowing you werent enough for someone can take a toll on you. but youre stronger than you give yourself credit for.

when your in a relationship its you and the other person and when you leave them because you dont want to (especially when youve been together for so long) i think its best to remind yourself of who u were before them. the happiness u had before them.


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