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Hi People,

Firstly, thanks for the amazing job everyone is doing here as a community :). It feels very good to know there is someone who can hear your thoughts and try to help.

I have been feeling this constant dread that every step i take will go wrong and I will keep making mistakes (especially in my career and relationships). I feel like my life will always go bad no matter what good things i try and do. Off late, this has been affecting my career very badly. I am always scared that i will make mistakes and i will be bad at whatever i do and eventually they will throw me out of my job and i will never be find a job where i am good and will be a loser in my life. All these thoughts make me paralysed and i end up taking more time doing simple jobs. I get scared i will make mistakes and this leads me not to finish my work and i end up getting screwed by my manager. Infact, this fear is what made me lose my last job.

I just think of starting meditating, exercising and doing something which will reduce my inner fear and the next morning i end up thinking that i wont follow on with meditating or exercising and it will all be of waste of time as nothing will change no matter what i do.

I have been thinking of going to therapy. But i am scared again and i think what if its all waste of time and money and what if nothing is wrong with me and its just my overthinking. What if going to therapy creates a mental illness which is never there in the first place. What if its just my incompetence which is making me scared. Cos when i am doing good at work i am actually fine and i feel good. If i mess up at something then i get this never ending fear and it literally creates a paralyzing procrastination and my world famous fuck ups at work.

Can anyone please help me with this? Please tell me how can someone know its time to visit a therapist.

Thank you all for your support again


2 replies

Well, your problem is you feel like an imposter who is succeeding only by luck alone. Let me tell you something. Nothing in this universe has worked properly on luck. Youโ€™re wherever youโ€™re right now because of what youโ€™ve rightfully worked hard .
And coming to whether therapy is good idea or not. First of all it is a very good idea but if you feel like you can solve this problem just by talking to your friend or your family then Iโ€™d suggest donโ€™t go to therapy.
Also reading your post, I feel like youโ€™ve taken a pretty big hit on your social life. Please do something for yourself, go on a date, treat yourself with nice meal once in a while.
I wish you get all the happiness in the world.


Thank you very much :)


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