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Hi Now&me community,
Why it hurts a lot when someone in your family hates and don’t talk to you,my 11yr old younger sister is toxic and disrespectful to me,she didn’t talk to me,it hurts a lot.moreover iam gradually developing bitterness and resentment towards her,whatever she does,it irritates me a lot,i always think about her although i don’t want to.i can’t see her happy.what to do?even when i speak about it to my parents,they pay no attention,can someone please help hurts and irritates me a lot whenever she is happy and hurts me a lot,and i feel like dying,iam mentally very depressed

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Hello @nik!
So telling you this from my own experience. One of my friend had a very hateful relationship with his sister as well. They have an age gap of 6 years. The younger sister used to always tease him and make fun of him which used to really bother him. This was going on since about 3 years and my friend couldn’t do anything.

But, one day he got really frustrated because he was not respected at all. His parents never used to listen to him as well. He stopped talking to his sister at all. Like he didn’t even acknowledge her and didn’t even smile at her even when living in the same house. He did this for 2 months. During these 2 months, his sister did not say sorry or anything and continued to disrespect him.

But after 2 months, she realised her mistake and came and apologised to him. She realised the mistakes she made. So I think, sometimes silence can be the best option to solve things. It’s important to give them some space and a silent treatment so that they can realise on their OWN.
I would say, do try this out once, maybe it helps! And please don’t let It bother you. We are always taught that family is important and you have to love them no matter what but that’s really not true. Sometimes our own families can be toxic and we shouldn’t feel guilty for not being able to love them!


Thank you,but i tried that too,i didn’t speak to her for eactly 4 months,but still she does the same what to do


I think then your last bet is to try and explain your parents. That’s one thing that can help, apart from that I don’t think she will understand. Try to calmly explain your parents that what is bothering you and what changes you want in your sister’s behaviours.


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