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Hi! Need some help, I started with a new job three months back it is a very good opportunity for me but somehow I am not able to perform I spent most of my time in thinking and worrying as I am ot able to adjust with the environment O don’t feel happy about things it seems that it’s the body I am carrying around filled with fears and regrets and even after all good things I have I just don’t feel happy its just too much inside me which is piling up, kisse bolu kya bolu kch samaj nahi ata.
I can see my self being misinterpreted going low even but still I am not making efforts to stop that I just want a simple life, just a day when I cam wake up peacefully without any anxiety I am so mad at my self for being this weak and not making efforts to cherish the good I have but I like the dark now and I just feel exhausted with no purpose to live everything fells meaningless now!

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My suggestion to you is to take one day at a time. If that’s difficult take one hour at a time. Just do something for yourself to make today better than yesterday. It can be as simple as having an ice-cream. You don’t have to excel everyday. If you feel there is a lot piling up in you and you want to vent out, try seeking therapy at cheap rates/free organizations. Trust me it helps a lot. They may not always give a solution but you’ll have a listening ear.


I feel you buddy as I myself going through the same apart from the job part that I don’t have. I just have to say is it is okay you feel this way, this is a phase. Take some time for yourself, do something relaxing like going out in nature, music or a treat for you.


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