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Hi me and my bf had a fight and I said something like ‘ I don’t feel loved by you’ and it made him feel so bad and he told that I’m being obsessed with him which triggered me so badly. But then he apologised for saying that. But today he said that if you’re not obsessed with me then don’t overthink about anything. I feel bad. I’m not obsess with him. If he keeps saying that I seem to distance myself from him.

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Let people say what they want…it’s okay…atleast they are upfront about it. You can show your discouragement as well


A good guy will love if his girl will get obsessed with him. it’s a proud and good thing. He is not valuing you but trust me guys who love someone genuinely will love being obsessed and vice versa

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

Hey, that sounds rough. Maybe have a heart-to-heart with your boyfriend, let him know you’re not trying to be obsessive, just want to feel loved.
Sometimes things get messy, but open talks can help sort them out. It will surely get better 💕
Take care,
Psychologist Bhavna Pande


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