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β€ΊSelf Harmβ€ΊThought

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

hi im sama and i really need help my mom and dad think my life is going on good and i have no problems but i have heaps i get bullied at school because i dont have a phone and my friends dont really listen to me they are always after the popular group and one of my friends already ditched our group for theirs my teacher always gives us too much homework and expects us to finish it in time i have wanted to tell this to someone for so long but no one understands i have also started self harm and i am suicidal please help me.

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Venky @venky


At your age I was same like you , like teacher use to give a lot of homework and I was very week student I can understand your feelings but now when I am thinking about all this school think is nothing . Just focus on your study and enjoy your school life … Your school will never ever come again … And one thing just give answer (fight back ) to those people who try to bullied you with your friends or without friend don’t take that kind of think from people … U want to talk about any other things you can message me on Instagram (street_wale_bapu) or you can message in comment in this post happy to help u


I didn’t get my first mobile until I was 22 and I paid for it myself. I was never popular in school because I’m bi racial and Ethnicity in my school was a big deal.

The most popular guy in my school - he sexually harassed at least two classmates of mine and tried to do the same to two others that I know of.

My parents didn’t care what I was going through - as long as I was completing my school work and getting good grades - because that is like having a job isn’t it; you do your work well and things go okay.

It taught me to think that way since I was at least 14 years old.

The other stuff about emotions and kids your age - don’t worry about it. Take it as a lesson - to not take it personally. They are just like you, they have pressures as well; it just may be different than yours.

Be cordial and helpful to them but if they aren’t treating you well, then don’t let it go further than that. If someone truly wants to be friend you, they will; just be open to it.

These are life lessons that most people don’t understand for a very long time. It is frustrating to know it, but to accept it is even more difficult.

Good luck.


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