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Hi. Im new here. I just feel like im not belong to everyone. I always feel lonely but i don’t know why. Even i have some friends but lately i’ve been distance from them. I can’t cope with them. I don’t really know how to tell it. Im really bad with words. I didn’t understand myself or whats going on in my life.


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Maybe you are overthinking
Or being a bit too self critical.
You are not at all bad with words.
Pls donot judge urself like this.
Pls try to be more kind n nice towards ur ownself
Appreciate the good in u
That makes u more confident…
Try to befriend urself first…
Life is very dynamic
N complex
Too many things keep on happening
N this causes confusion…
Pls don’t worry.
God bless u.
Good luck.
Take care.
Stay safe.


Then you belong here 😂
No seriously… this is the one place where literally everyone finds someone whose been through things like this or something similar