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look at my confidence while posting this anonymously. I wish I had 1/10th the confidence to tell my parents or be out in the public.
I don’t want to be ashamed that I like my own gender, I mean what’s wrong with that? But society thinks everything is wrong.

My parents will never accept me and I’ve come to accept to that. They’re full of internalized homophobia and so was I until a part of me contradicted everything. I love my parents and I won’t even take a chance of ruining my relationship with them.

Post anonymously?

just know that some day you have to tell them. else you won’t be able to live like this. try making them aware of this and that it is normal and then see what they react and accordingly plan your actions


There is no perfect time to come out…
As much as people may tell you otherwise, you would know the best time for yourself…
I’ve been with my partner for 6 years now… and only their mum knows coz we felt comfortable to… and we got an amazing response… the rest will know when they are prepared to or maybe not at all…
We are not guilty of it… we want a comfortable life without dramas… friends who should know… know about us as well…
And its been going smooth 🤗


Look, you don’t have to convince your parents to accept who you are. Its their call.
But you have to be honest with them. Thats all you gotta do.
But if you are scared and not ready to go thru anything, then its ok. Its ok to take the time you need to gather up courage and confidence.
But during the process, don’t forget to embrace yourself.
Stay strong:)


Hey babe, I am bi too and I haven’t told anyone about it too so I kinda relate to you. Some of my friends know idk how but I gathered some courage to tell them and they are SUPER cool about it. They accept me they love me and nothing has changed between us. I am so grateful for them. I hope you feel the same one day. Lots of love💗💜💙


My super close friends know about it and this guy that I like he’s bi too so he understands me ALOT.
But I’m a single child and I’m very close to my mom and not being able to tell her this is haunting me.
But thank you for the courage and hope and simply for the fact that I’m not alone in this!


You are not alone babe❤️. And one day you will be able to tell your parents and they will love you the same… One day ❤️