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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

Hi i’m 17 and in the first year of doing my A levels. I am doing Psychology, Sociology and English Literature. Recently i have been struggling with stress and anxiety, i’ve managed to catch it early, but today i had a mental breakdown and felt so low. But, i carried on with my work and stayed strong. I have high expectations of myself and what i want to achieve. I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve all A’s. I also have severe dyslexia and struggle with emotions. I find it very hard to express myself. I have to work 10x harder than most people just to keep up, its mentally exhausting and draining. I like to do extra work and stay ahead of classwork so that i am not left behind. But, now that i’ve been in lockdown for 8 weeks i’ve realised i can’t keep doing this as my mental health is deteriorating. I also need a good structured routine to help me, i just need some help in knowing how to get back into a routine. I have online classes everyday from 9-4. I don’t stop working till about 6 ish. Then i don’t sleep until 3am, its a really bad habit i know.

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Hey! It is so important to understand that your value of your intelligence is not premised on how schooling systems are designed to test you and how society views those ableist systems which are put in place. Having said that, I understand that it is the reality of the system and the situation in place. Habits are formed when you try enforcing things one day at a time. For now, focus on what you will do for the next 2 days. Try sticking to a schedule which you think works best for you. Have people hold you accountable to your new schedule, and keep track of this on your whiteboard or a notebook. Force yourself to form good habits and new habits that benfit you and adhere to you, you will overcome!


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