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Tobias @bloops_bloopers

hi im 14 and really just needed to let some steam out…
ever since i turned 10 my family had treated me like a maid. making me clean, cook, take care of my crazy sibling who keep trying to stab me. its all starting to get to my head not only that but i get zero privacy barely even when changing i cant hang out with my partner without my dad telling me im like my whore of an older sister or that i dont deserve to hang out becaus β€œyou do nothing” but my brother gets rewarded for doing nothing he sleeps all day and treats everyone like shit everyone other than one of my little brothers treats me horribly and im so tired ive tried telling my mom about how much stress this is all putting me on and she just told me what he was doing was a β€œdad thing” and i just want help the therapist is an asshole and doesnt even help my teachers dont care i need help

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buji @buji




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