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I made a mistake a few months ago.
You know when you say something as a joke, but it turns out to be mean?
And you hurt the person a lot?
And they cried?
I mean, we made up.
And we forgot about it.
But it still haunts me. What if I didn’t say it? What if I was nicer?
My face gets hot and I feel terrible, and want to throw up every time I think about it.
But I keep on thinking about it, and I keep punishing myself for it.
This is my first post, and I came here since there was no one else I could talk to about it.
Ha, I turn to online strangers about my personal life. But in my experiences, online people are usually not worse than people in real life.
What should I do to forgive myself for this mistake?

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Forgive yourself. And I am sure that person must have forgotten about that incident too. I can understand why it is killing you so much for past so many months maybe because either you love that person a lot or you’re actually not the one who says such things on daily basis or you might usually do but whatever joke you made might be one of those triggering points of the other person’s life which hurt him/her to different extent and they might not have expected that from you. You know words hit harsh than anything else but when there’s friendship, I urge people to focus on actions as well. Whatever damage was to happen is done and when you said you guys made up but if it’s still hurting you, you can once again say sorry and make up for that in any other way possible? Maybe with a handwritten card or anything. I’m sure they will prioritise your actions over words. And everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay! & What are friends for? Like most of the time you can be blunt with them. So don’t think too much. Just hug them and say sorry and whatever comes in your mind and forget it.


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