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I am psychologically drained for last 4-5 months due to the fact that I am an unemployed graduate. I have done pretty well and got decent internship experiences but it’s just my luck that it doesn’t work out. I apply several jobs and receive no responses lately. I mean I know that it’s temporarily and I will eventually get the job I deserve but parents discourage me every day at every chance by comparing me to others who has achieved more by little effort. Parents keep reminding me that I am simply not good enough and I threw out all the effort they have put on me. My mom says she is gonna get sick because of me. I have no control over situations but one is certain that I feel depressed more every day and feel discouraged and useless. Can someone advice me how to help the situation?
Thank you

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...


Please don’t feel bad about yourself. Life can be so tough at times but we must stay strong and simply persist.Just stop worrying about your situations so much and just think about uplifting yourself and doing things that are necessary for your mental and intellectual growth.


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