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Hi guys, I am not feeling good because of my body I am a fat girl with lots of stretch Marks…people around me always say why you don’t loss your weight , but I tried everything gyming, yoga, zumba, diet and my yoga is continue I have also a pcos and really it give me a stress. I cried every night don’t know why fell so depressed even my classmates they are slim ,hot tall body they also neglected me sometimes. …even my parents don’t understand my feelings and my mom she is a tripical narrow minded Indian mother…no boys likes me because of my fatty and i am not look good enough.All my classmates they had long hair good dressing sense and me tomboy style…and I love to keep tomboy style but people say change it even my mom also…

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Hey, its ok.
I totally get where youre coming from. One thing ive realized over the years is that people who dont have pcos dont really understand what all goes on. Dont work out to lose weight. Work out to keep your pcos in check. It can often be difficult to lose weight with pcos and im saying that woth personal experience. Youre doing great, ok? Stretch marks and your weight do not define you.


Thank you for your word it means a lot for me🌻


We’re in this together. We’ll get through it. :)


Well my dear little friend,

Ppl will always have something to say no matter what… U need to be strong to enough to ignore ppl words n love ur self

N btw chubby girls to look cute… So relax… Someday ull definitely find someone who likes u the way ur…

However do continue to workout so tht u be healthy too

Hey its okay to be fat
It’s important that you stay healthy