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Hi guys. Amidst this pandemic of corona virus, I came across a very strange situation in my life. I had pre-approved leaves which happened to coincide with the corona period. Most of the state governments have issued notifications asking employers to allow work from home. 
Since we had also been issued a work from home option, I thought of availing my leaves and going back to my hometown. Honestly I needed a small break from my hectic work life. 
My employer assumed that I wudnt avail my leaves as people had stopped travelling owing to the contagious behavior of corona virus.  However, I planned to avail my leaves as approved also because I was scared to be alone in such a bad situation and wanted to be with family. 
Therefore, I communicated the same to my employer to which he threatened me with downsizing and all owing to the prospective recession. I was a little baffled at this. I have worked like crazy for him, with or without sleep, with or without food and I was threatened by recession’s repercussion. 
I would need some advice from everyone who reads this as to how do I react to such a threat.

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Oh God, I couldn’t imagine how I might respond in this situation, because I may lose my cool or I might just suck it up for the job. Hard to say, how I would ACTUALLY end up reacting in that situation. But I would consider how my superiors or my company is treating me. New-age companies are much nicer to work for, they’re more flexible to your needs and look out for you. Especially with a possible recession, I think you should think about this situation from a bigger perspective. Then again, I don’t know how your employer is, and how he communicates information. Maybe scaring his employees, is his way of motivating them to work, I couldn’t say, that’s not in my place. But YOU should analyse your current work environment, and make good changes in your lifestyle. Don’t be lazy about it, and don’t think that it isn’t a possibility that they may lay you off, they’ve literally given you a verbal warning in a sense. Think about that.


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