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Hi everyone, I’m new and I really joined this because I needed a way that felt safe to talk to and connect with people.
I struggled with loneliness before the lockdown, and the longer it drags on the worse it gets. I don’t have any social media and only one close friend that I text on a regular basis. I’m scared to join any other sites cause of all the annoying/inappropriate stuff that happens.🙄
Anyway I just wanted to reach out there and see if anyone would answer. Quarantine’s been hard on all of us and I’m sure I’m not the only feeling desperate for some connection. Even if it’s only the reassurance that everyone else is as lonely as me! Hopefully this will all be over soon and I’ll go back to seeing my one bff only on the weekends…

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Everything will be okay☺️ trust in God. He will never leave you, and I can be your friend to talk to


lonely? just call your friends and play pubg or Fortnite or krunker together you’ll be fine…

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