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hi every one…
,y name is rishabh
i am 20
i am literally not in a good mood . i need to talk to someone and spend some talking to them
i dont want to some anonymous …i want to know the person in real as well… and yes if it could be a girl i would be more happy to talk to… not joking for sure… i m literally not in a good mood … doctor told that i am depressed but i dont feel that but still i feel that have many who care for me but i feel that no one actually talks to me that how the hell i really feels in my heart …

if there is someone [female]
please talk to me… and if you are thinking that you will be talking to me for he sake of timepass
so please dont reply … i am fine without you .


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Hey dear…I can help u out…I 😇. I ll try whatever I can in my limits 🙏😇. U can leave your insta id 😇🌌


Hey I have requested you…so there is a fairy filter on the dp .

Hey! You can talk to me!! I will be glad to make you feel better😇


give me your instagram… ill msg you there 🙂😊

I am really sorry to say this, I don’t use instagram…😔 We can talk as much as we want here ok??😊


thats oky … thankyou veery much… but i already got one , so iam talking to them… and i feel good
… thank you



Hey Rishabh,
You can pour your heart out🙂


Hey. Rishabh…
Or batau Kya haal chal…yes. We can talk.


thank you very much … but i got one already so i am talking to them… i think i can talk to them for sure… ill ;et you know if that dint go well so ill contact with you… thank you very much😊😊


vse haal theek ha … bs kt rhe ha din lockdown m


Chalo badiya