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Hi beautiful people reading this.

I am not sure on how to start and if anyone will see this, but I want to share with you guys something that is happening to me right now

I’ve been having a difficult two years, probably a lot of us. Due to the same I’ve been seeing a lot of different medical professionals, including a therapist.

The problem is that at this moment I am starting to fell in love with my therapist and I am really confused. Logically thinking I know that I don’t really know anything about my therapist, apart of some small clues that have appeared while talking. I know that the reflection of love I am feeling is due to the way I am depicting my therapist as the person that have been listening to me for the past 6 months, that is willing to share ideas, to have empathy, which is probably something that I really crave for. Unfortunately, is difficult for me, maybe it is wrong from me to try to rationalize this feeling and probably trying to stop it is making it to be worse.

I am not really sure if I want to share this with my therapist, as I am afraid of my therapist not longer being able to have me as a patient or not able to surpass this feeling either way and my best option would be for me to opt out sessions from my therapist or just simply afraid of what I already know the answer but don’t want to hear it from my therapist that is that in now way a relation like that can happen.

Unfortunately I have suffer from a lot of rejections (only one success, sad face), and this has made me really reluctant about relationships. Hearing those words from my therapist will mean a rejection as well, and, even so I know why and the almost certain answer, will make me depressed and I don’t really want to deal with it.

I would love to read your ideas on what can I do on this.

Thanks so much for reading me

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What you are feeling is really valid. But to avoid yourself from being hurt more, it’s better you yourself end the relationship between you and your therapist. You also know that it’s the healthy thing to do. U will end up hurting yourself more in the future. Just avoid the hurt and save yourself now. It’s never a good idea to go down this road


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