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Hi all,
I was feeling pretty lonely so thought should give some new people a chance to let out what I am feeling. As I was browsing through the home page, it feels like a lot of people are going through the same thing. Loneliness can be hard. I am surrounded by people and I have alot of friends as well. But still there are things which I can not put infront of people. I am tired of bottling up all of these feelings. Just want to take it all out. Usually to calm myself I write down my feelings in my journal. But it has been such a long time that I have been writing that I am alone, I want love in my life. Huh, how ironical to my username. It’s not that never had the opportunity of being in love and somebody ever loving me. It just that it is really hard for me to accept and acknowledge love. My first reaction is denial. Denying all the feelings I have. Does anybody else feels the same?

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Hey its ok to feel all this but just remember this time will pass and its ok to express yourself.
Have amazing day :))

Amora @amora


Thank you for saying that.


My first reaction is denial too. I absolutely relate to you so much. I try to get done away with my feelings because I am scared that if I feel, I will end up getting attached and then eventually I’ll be hurt and I don’t have the power in me to go through another heartbreak.

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