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Hi, a warm welcome to everyone. Well basically I am an introvert. I hesitate to share my feelings with anyone openly this platform gave me a best opportunity, thanking all you people for hearing me. Now I am standing in a dilemma, I love my parents and my family a lot, I respect them a very much, but what happened is, sometimes in the past whenever they see a relationship failure due to arrange marriage among our relatives, they were always suggesting me to find love of my life on my own after better understanding him, which is way better than deceived from these types of arrange marriages. Still I was not waiting to find my love just because they said. But one fine day someone came into my life with whom I could feel that vibe, I attracted to his character more than his looks and status, unknowingly I fell for him and he also liked me a lot, we understood each other greatly, one day he proposed me and since I was waiting for the day I agreed to him keeping in mind that my parents would never deny my decisions. But after few months accidentally my parents came to know about my relationship and now they’re acting like “this all should not be done” and also they’re not agreeing my relationship with him just because of some clan reason and his status, and they all acting like I have ruined their prestige and they’re very hurt. But here the problem is I am regretting for hurting them to that much, meanwhile me and my boyfriend love each other so much that we can’t even think our lives seperately without being in each other’s life. We have dreamt big things together and passioned future, But I am in such a dilemma that I give both of them an equal value that I couldn’t leave any of them, I could give another try convincing my parents at any cost but they’re very hurt already and they are hoping me to breakup with him. But I can’t make them understand more without hurting them, they’re not at all understanding my feelings and meanwhile my boyfriend says that he won’t live without me and won’t leave me at any cost, If it has to happen then he told he would give up his life but never leave me. He also tried his best assuring of better status by working hard at any cost to my parents but they’re are not agreeing him no matter what assurance we give. I have created such a mess in my life I can’t make understand either of them. Could anyone please help me out, What shall I do? I am suffering lot of mental depression

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Get married as long as you are happy. If your parents truly love you and want to be in your life they will come to accept your decision. And if they don’t than that is on them, but if you don’t want to get married then don’t. Everyone just wants you to be happy.


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