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heyyo people!!
Today’s Reminder 💫
It’s okay to not be happy and positive all that time. ngl that’s something I’ve been struggling with lately too. but I try to remind myself that I’m not a robot, I can’t just fake a smile all the time. I can’t look at brighter side of things all the time.
It’s okay struggle, it’s okay to be angry, confused, tired or upset. I’m allowed to feel all of it. we are all human beings with emotions and feelings and sometimes being happy and positive all the time is not just realistic.

so it’s okay to give yourself a break, to feel, to hurt, to allow yourself to grow and to heal from it. It’s the only way to get that heavy load off of your chest and to allow love, hope, light and opportunities to enter your life.
So go easy on yourself and give yourself some credit
thanks for your time ♡

~ anonymously.yours

4 replies

Anonymous @iu_issi

But what if this sadness and toxicity becomes constant in your life.


Be honest, don’t u think we always have a power over life? we have an option to fight rather than accepting and doing nothing about the shits life throwing at us. here to answer ur question, you can find the root of ur sadness, it might the people, place or things that’s around you.
find it and cancel it out from ur life. Its not worth it.
I’m sure u will find a difference then :)
( I’m not an expert, I can’t only talk from my limited knowledge of things)

Anonymous @iu_issi

Yeah i guess…

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