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Can anyone tell me how be happy internally…😅
Like… it’s been a long since I’ve laughed my heart out…i talk to my friends and family everyday…we laugh too… but that’s just superficial…
It’s been a long time…i. Felt happy from within…
How can i overcome this? 😞№


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I was faced with this dilemma some time back, and I found a solution that works.
First, you need to understand what true happiness is. And, true happiness is when you are in the present, no past or future.
Let me give you an example. Think about when you listen to your favorite song and are humming it and are lost. That feeling is true happiness because you are not thinking about the past or future but are enjoying the song.

That’s how you can be internally happy. Try applying this in your life.

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Thank you very much 😊🌼✨


Find something which makes you happy. I have gone through the same situation and I found music and kdramas actually made my life better… When I watch them I forget about everything and I can smile, laugh while I watch them . I went through a breakup a year ago , I started the kdramas to avoid it. I still love that prsn but yes sometimes we should try distracting ourselves

I’ll try that surely🤞🏻


Yess take care


heyy sorry for how u feel
even i havent laughed since very long time its hurts i understand
ik different person have different things which makes them happy
ik every person says do smthng which makes u feel good actually i used get irritated whenever people used to tell that to me idk y
but its actually true i just decided to join gym and dance class from next month and it really did made feel good and excited
soo this is ur sign to do something u love or do something which will turn ur weakness into strength

Thank you for understanding my situation 😞…
I do meditate and exercise… But still i can’t be happy by soul🤦🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️… I’ll try that dancing maybe it’ll work🤞🏻


during this covid-19 situation, i feel it too with my family. it was like umm I am with them but I don’t feel happy at all. i feel empty and I still feel it every now and then. but then I adopt a cat and playing with them heals me, I hope you can start be happy 😉😉😉

I can’t adopt anything🤷🏻‍♂️ cause for my mom I’m the only animal adopted😂😂…
Just kidding… it’s all good now buddy… Thank ya💞
That was just a hard time i was going through😅
May you live happy too ✌🏻✨