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Hey y’all. I have something to say. I think I’m bisexual. I find myself checking girls out and get sexually stimulated by them sometimes. But I know for a fact that I’m heteroromantic. Like I can definitely see myself being intimate with another girl and stuff but not holding a real relationship with them- and that makes me feel like a bad person, as if I just want to use these girls for pleasure. I’m totally attracted to guys in every way though. I definitely prefer guys. I could never say any of this to anyone because I come from a family that has deep-set Christian values and beliefs, and I hold the same. I know that the bible says being gay is a sin, but I know that sexuality is not a choice. And the vast majority of my friends are the conservative, which i am too, but I’ve always been very tolerant of homosexuality- the most tolerant in my family, which my family dissaproves of. I have multiple gay friends whom I love to death. But I’m so confused. I don’t know if this is some phase or I’m just really horny??? Please let me know your thoughts about this.

Post anonymously?

Hey! It’s really good that you are saying out these thoughts of yours. Being bi is not a sin (not at least for me, though I also belong to a Hindu family which disapproves of the same because I am an LGBTQ+ ally and supporter), it is just how you feel for other people.
Maybe it is a phase or maybe it is not… But does that really matters until and unless it is you?
Maybe you just feel a little, and things are building up in your mind?
Maybe you recently saw a movie or a documentary or read something about bisexuality and started feeling like one of a character.
There could be tons of possibilities, but everything is fine till it is you…

Stay smiling, Stay YOU!! 😃


You clearly know how you feel towards other genders. You know it’s not a choice but we just get that, right? There is nothing wrong and never be ashamed of it.

I believe there is nothing wrong in it. The way you feel is not in your hand however if you are doing something purposely then it’s wrong. Never take advantage of your sexuality or a situation but do it right in the right way.


maybe you’re just confusing yourself and want to convince yourself that you are bisexual just because you find some girls attractive or whatever ! i mean that’s a normal thing doesn’t make you bi ! just sit with yourself and think about your desire and what do ou want ! these days everyone is thinking themselves a homo just by liking the same gender and since the homosexuality became a normal thing now that’s to first conclusion to jump on (i find someone with the same gender attractive ===>im homosexual )


Well the thing is i’m not just attracted to them, I’m sexually attracted to them. So I’m kinda just in this weird limbo of suppressing it and denying it because I’m not sure if i will really ever like a girl.


hi darling,
I know that this is very blunt, but maybe if you could try kissing or something in relation to that with them? Maybe that would make your feelings even more concrete. I know that this is extremely tough, but trust me its worth a shot.


at this point, fuck friends who are against you, its like being homophobic shouldn’t even be a choice? I don’t know how old you are, but making internet friends was genuinely the best decision I have ever made. I was always shy but just because of them I had a character development. I was me.


Lol okay where do you find these internet friends tho


Just enter a fandom, be it video or tv show and you’ll meet some people 🤙


sorry video game* lol


Hey! You don’t have to be sexually and romantically attracted to the same gender. And also you don’t have to put yourself a label. It doesn’t change how you feel anyways just makes you more confused. That’s my opinion of course:) but just know that you have nothing to be ashamed of 😃 Enjoy how you feel both sexually and romantically 😃 Have a happy day!!