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Hey to start off with I’m 13 and actually had lesser depression about a year ago I know it sounds stupid but it just feels like life is kind of shit to me right now. To start off with 3 close relatives have died since covid has come luckily none of them died by it but those 3 died in like a space of 4 months and I haven’t had much time to mourn them kind of and I’m worried because after the 3 death I didn’t really feel that sad about it like I still felt sad but not like the death of a loved one kind of sad if you know what I mean. Then secondly one of my moms friend’s daughters and a classmate of mine has a tumor in her brain and she has to go through serious chemo and I just don’t know really what to do about it or what I can do normally I’m a pretty strong dude emotionally and physically but since all of this has happend i just feel broken if that makes sense. Thirdly about a year ago me and my girlfriend broke up because of the long distance between us after I moved and its rough because I’m a pretty quiet guy I mean I have friends and crap who think I’m funny I just dont like meeting new people and stuff like that except I like this one girl who I’m okay friends with but but I’m to afraid to ask her out because of the laughing stock I will be if she said no.

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Hey there!!
There’s a lot on your platter right now and you’re taking a while to process it. What I’d suggest you is just TAKE A BREAK, just give some time to yourself, clear up your head a bit and just keep these thoughts out for sometime. Just grab some coffee or anything you like then sit in an open place like near plants or something and just listen to some music once you feel a little lighter pick up your problems one by one, deaths are of course one of the most painful things to happen but you need to remember whatever happens, happens for a good reason I’m sure they’re in a better place now, just pray for their soul and let go. Secondly about your classmate who just got diagnosed with tumour, just wish for their well being DONT let this effect your mental health, keep talking to them, make them feel cared and loved, try to spread positivity around them too so even they’re at ease and you should just stay calm about the situation, breathe and keep praying for their speedy recovery. Thirdly it’s okay not to be open to make new friends, sometimes the ones who’re there are enough and if you don’t feel the need to make new friends it just shows you’re happy with your current group right? Now coming to the girl you like I personally think you should take some more time and ponder over it, don’t rush anything as of now as you’re already going through some lows and maybe these feelings are there just because you need a shoulder? Maybe you’re just attracted to her? Take some more time and think through it thoroughly also if you’re sure all this then there’s nothing bad in confessing just look for the right time to put all these things in front of her. Even if she doesn’t likes you back at least there won’t be any regrets right? If she’s a good friend she’ll understand and respect your feelings and she would still continue to stick around after saying no but if she creates a scene you already know that she ain’t the one even as a friend
I hope this helps!! Have a great day ahead🌼


Thanks I’ll be sure to try most of those ideas


like everything in this world even grief can be divide. divided your grief and mourn for each deaths separately and also be as casual with the tumor person as you would be with a guy\girl without tumor. last wait for the right girl don’t rush, rushing would downgrade your preferences of girls.


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