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hey there. nobody will probably ever see or care about this but im gonna say it anyways because this is my story. so im a 13 year old girl who likes someone who goes by the she/her pronouns whos 14. theres nothing wrong yet. but anywho lets get onto the story. so basically i found out the girl i’ve been crushing on for a while has done horrible things. apparently she manipulated other minors younger than her into sending nudes. nudes are pointless to me. im not that type of person. they used to be kinda famous on a platform called tiktok. i made her a fan account because i saw someone else do it. i guess u could say it inspired me, they kept receiving hate yet they never backed away from the account and kept doing what they loved. but whats worse is that she also threatened to cut herself (tw) if nobody sent to her. if u have no idea what cancel culture is it’s basically people who decide to not even wait for an apology from the person and just cancel them. ive been having so many suicidal thoughts from all the death threats in my comments saying that if i dont stop supporting her i should just go to hell already and stuff like that. and i feel bad for the kids she messed over :(
[haha i know this is all over the place but its 4am and im stuck crying. but what can i do to feel better about my feelings towards her?]

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yea this is my note but its just adding onto it, i feel terrible for liking her. but shes so beautiful and relates to me so much. ever since i found her content all she did was bring joy to my eyes, she’s the reason i stopped cutting. but i feel truly terrible for supporting her. should i continue or just stop?:/


Not everybody is completely bad. Everyone has qualities that make them a good person. So for you to like that person because of her good qualities makes perfect sense. You chose to see the good in her and acknowledge it.
But the problem is that not everyone is that way. People choose to focus on the bad and exaggerate that so much that they eventually start hating people.
What also needs to be considered here is that, the person you like has also committed certain deeds (forcing minors and harassing them) that have caused issues to the ones she had been in contact with and the rage people feel for that is understandable, but what is not justified is all the hate and anger they project on you (a fan account). Hate will never solve the problem and what they’re doing is wrong as well.
All the threats and the hate they’re sending your way must be taking a toll on you, so for that reason I feel you should deactivate your account. You need a break from all of that hate and you deserve peace. You’re not accountable to anybody for that, of course not the haters either. Just leave the platform and take care of yourself!
I hope everything gets better! 💕


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