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Hey, so i wanna share a really crazy story about my life and i need your reply about this… 
so a few years ago my mom told me if my sister can talk with God. I know it doesnt make sense, but i was 14 yo that time and i was believe it. I dont know why. So long story short, my family did everything my sis said because my sis told us if it’s “God’s words” 
and then, my life became worse. I cant go to school anymore because “God” said i didnt need school anymore and He promise i will be success. I know it’s crazy. Also, i dont have friends anymore. I mean… really, not friends. Even not a friend. Because “God” said i didnt need friends like mine. and then so many crazy things happened to my life. Now, after a few years i still feel lonely even though I have friends now. Sometimes i also feel trauma and depressed about my life.

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Hey, this is all so confusing to understand. As a rational person, one wouldn’t believe that your sister can actually talk to God. Maybe it is a code word for something else?What do you do nowadays? And how has life been like after you left school? How are your new friends?


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