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Hey People 🤞🏻
I have a doubt kinda

Well I have a group of friends where we used to have fun and hangout sometimes and everything was in the good vibes. Recently in the few weeks kinda they all just started to ghost me kinda and i don’t know the reason even i thought back if i did something wrong but i didn’t. More like no one even made a eye contact. And few days back I did something as a next phase in the career level and they just directly come and ask me that why haven’t i said about this to them.
I’m in a state like am i the person who made a mistake or it’s them. Because idk what to do.


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Actually it was not like a thought to myself bro. It was clearly seen by their actions and I felt it.

I’ll try to talk bro but idk how they’ll react in real because the reason for their silence is unknown so I’ll initiate to talk and say about that stuffs

Thanks for this bro🤞🏻

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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