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Esha @esha1102

Hey people.

I had a nice stay with my boyfriend for 6 days at his place because this was apparently our last meet before we separate as partners due to shit situation problems which neither of us can help.
Whatever it is , i had one of the best times of my life and we are friends first and we didn’t let the situation sink the present.
But, i just returned back today and i haven’t been feeling goood because i am in that hangover and i am feeling weirdly restless about getting back to daily routine. I feel a bit stuck.
Any suggestions on how to let go off this kinda phase would really help

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There is no other way out than feeling every emotion u face. Feel like crying ? Cry. Feeling like hitting a pillow? Please do. Ice cream, snacks, reading those old messages anything! But remember that this is the process of moving on. Once you get back in touch with that person u lost all the progress u made. U will come out if this and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope you heal soon sending my love.

Esha @esha1102

Thank you for your kind words. Sending love you too


A new routine helps. Start with a fresh outlook. Maybe a new hairdo. (Hair carries a bit of memories and chopping them off feels lighter) Actively engage in outdoor activities. Pick a new hobby! Slow and steady :) U will get there !

Esha @esha1102

Sounds rightt. Ill try to do any one of these. Thank youu


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