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Hey I’m a first year student probably second year now I haven’t done any internships I’m stressed that i will never be able to find one as I constantly need someone to guide me and people in my college are always doing something or the other. This thought keeps me up at night and my low self esteem is also triggered by this :(

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Don’t worry you just started by the time you will become the best version of you for now only work to raise your self steem no one is better than you everyone is equal just be comfortable and don’t worry


Hi Anon! Please text me on Instagram @recruitifyindia . I promise I’ll try my best to get you an internship. Don’t be stressed out. It’s a good thing to be able to observe what other people are doing. That’s what keeps us going, that’s what helps us grow. Without that, you wouldn’t be staying up at night wondering what else you can do to grow yourself professionally and you wouldn’t be in a constant struggle to be a better version of yourself.

It’s natural to compare yourself to others. Everyone does it; they do it professionally, socially, physically. What isn’t good is when you let it get to a point where you’re letting it affect your mental health.

But you’ve taken the first step by asking for help here. That’s the good news. You’re a first year student right now. Your life has just begun. Make the most of it, and just spend this time trying to find your passion. Once you do that, the rest will come naturally. I promise.

Until then, text me and let’s help you find that internship.


The problem is that I don’t think i have any skill so whenever i look for anything it never suits me. I have social anxiety and it makes me nervous to talk to someone professionally. It’s not that I don’t want to but it’s just i need something easier something to build my confidence because i know these out of the box things will degrade my confidence and nothing else. :(


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