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Hey, idk if this would be heard among so many others but I think it’s a good medium to just write what you feel and hope that your heard. I have been feeling very low, constantly worrying if the people around me genuinely care about me or are just tolerating. A slight change in the tone and my mind is is a frenzy making up scenarios of when they’ll just realize I’m too much to handle and walk away from me.

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Hey, I think your worries are stemming from a past experience or perhaps a gut feeling. And you’re probably not wrong. But I just want to tell you that very few people care genuinely about anyone but themselves. So, it’s nothing personal. Because that’s just how most people are. What has helped me is an approach that I must be good and kind and helpful and that I cannot expect the same from the other person. I only trust a few people because that’s what life has taught me. To not expect anything from anyone. Nobody owes me anything, similarly I don’t owe anyone else anything…hope this gives some perspective.


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