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Hey,i just found this site and i think it will help me with my problems…
I am very lonely right now,and i am feeling empty…The fact that i do not want to suicide is a good thing,but i still think about me living being worth it.
For a start,when i was little,my mom was very agressive and anorexic and my dad was just not caring about me at all.I remember going out to play with him and always shouting at me and making me go home in tears…
Right now,i am very insecure about everything.My body,mind,friends,talking,gestures,literally everything.The first things that i ask myself when i get out of the house is why people are always looking at me like I am a freak or a monster.Living in my country is not so easy at all because there are not so much people you can trust or open minded people.In fact,everybody stares at you when you get next to them like you are a creature.
I never understood myself,why i was different or why i look and act different.
One of the most important things i learnt is that people often ask you to express your feelings in a way that they want you to,like you are always ok,because they are never ready to hear that you aren’t.
I often cry myself to sleep,cry while thinking about how messed up i can be and about how everybody i know bullies people without knowing what they are going through…
What should i do about it>?

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Khushboo @khushboo

Hi,ofcourse we will help you with your problems. Don’t feel lonely anymore. The negative thoughts which makes you hurt are not good so avoid these thoughts. 
Let the people see you. Don’t get affected by them. And why is there any need to cry ? 
Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. More power to you. 
Keep sharing your feelings with us. Thank you.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… Thanks for sharing. I know that sometimes even smallest things stuck in minds which may not matter to anyone else but it hurts you so much. I just wanna say don’t think about what others are thinking of you and it may happen that they don’t feel that way about you but you only overthink about it thag how you are looking or acting. 
Don’t give others opinions so importance. 
All the best!


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