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I am a 26 years old guy
But i have a frnd who is my everything
Like he is just my life yaar
I like him so much
He is with me from my childhood
We went through so much together like assualt from families, coming out of the house and living our own life, studying with great hard work, sharing everything.
He is my side when i lost my sister because of my parents, he is my side when i was unconcious, he is my side when i was low after many things happened.
And from his side i am his side when he lost his twin, we are together when he was used by his parents and manymore.
We just can’t be seperated
Just wanna be together always till the end.
I saw him suffering and at his lowest times, he too saw me when i am the lowest.
He is the best in this world
We have been great friends all these years
But in recent days we are feeling something unusual
Like we are attracted to each other
I know that i love him so much than anyone in this world
He loves me like hell
But like what?
Which relationship?
I can tell that we are not friends anymore because we kissed, hugged each other
But we can’t clarify our relation.
Whenever we talk about it forget about finding answer, we end up conversation as friends.
We are very comfortable with each other but this thing we can’t tell
We saw each other getting harrassed, assualted and molested by our parents but we still can talk about it freely.
If we are close frnds why did we kiss Or hug?
If we are more than frnds why can’t we open up?
I can’t find answer and we are both boys
Even writing this i showed it to him, he is okay with what i am posting.
We are too close… What might have been the answer

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