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Hey guys, today I did something I am really proud of. After spending one month and a half at my new job I decided to put an end to it and quit. The reason why I did it so fast was the fact that my boss is a bully and she does not know how to communicate properly. During all this time I really put an effort to prove that I am capable of doing whatever task I am assigned to and that I am smart, efficient and multi-tasker. And I did prove all that- to MYSELF. But what’s a deal breaker to me were the words that came out of her mouth such as ,shut up and write", ,you are so incompetent", ,if I say make a call, you make a call!"etc. No one has to put up with that kind of behavior. Money is not relevant there but your mental health and peace you tried to build for a long, long time. No one has the power to take that away from you.
So the thing is I’ll do my work until the end of the contract (end of February) and I have no clue what to do next. There are some options but everything is hanging out in the air. I have a knowledge to start as a freelancer but I have self doubts. I know everyone thinks that you should not quit your job before finding the next one but it’s what I had to do. What your advice would be?

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Anthony @anthony

Im glad that youre one of the someone’s who has made an example for others to be proud to follow…but of course have a plan b waiting for you even if its a temporary job till you can find what you really want…the last thing you want to do is have quit without thinking and drown…which would give her small mind and ego something to laugh about…TAKE CARE OF YOU…and of course she’s gonna suffer for HER incompetence when the time is right…let that be her problem for not thinking ahead on what her behavior will get her down the line…just dont let not thinking ahead for yourself get YOU put in the same position…get your plan b as soon as you can.

Kiko @kiko

Thank you for your kind advice and comments Anthony. In one way, this was actually taking care of me because the stress and trauma would have severely impacted my mental health. There is a plan B now, not the ideal one but anyways, until I have everything figured out. Cheers!


BTW, my boss told a colleague of mine that she’s super sorry that I’m leaving and that she’d like for me to stay and work for their company, not for her directly as we ,misunderstood each other". It is a nice job, everything I did so far among other things so now I’m in dilemma should I stay or should I go as the position is not so ambitious. But maybe in time someone will notice my talents and ambitions and offer something bigger. I prefer to take things slow. And after work I won’t be so stressed and I can actually do things that are my passion and just be creative.


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