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hey guys today am writing different , today am not sad and depressed rather i talked to my crush and yes we are going to meet tomorrow and we will have a short ride. Tomorrow is a very important day to me, i already watched my face on mirror more than 50 times, am in dilemma whether to cut my hair or not , and tomorrow is not my birthday but friday is a day when i came to this world and by hindu religion is impure to cut your hair in that day when you are born , I dnt know but today i am feeling so much positive energy and i start liking everything. I already made a lots of plan inside my mind, which shirt to wear how much perfume should i used , already cleaned shocks and mask . Yes am ready and i am smiling everytime, i was a depressed guy but yes really someone can really change your life. today am happy just waiting for tomorrow , tomorrow i will again express my feelings ya i know she has no interest in relationship but i have to express myself in any way. . . i will keep updating you guys. . you people are my family. .

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Hey…Congo dude…
all the best to you 4 tommorow exam😜 fod kana

And ha be geniune be real.


i will try my best and hope there will be no rain. . .


Buddy, that’s wonderful. I’m happy for you. :)
Be yourself, trust me she’d love it.


wow thats so kind of you 😊😊


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