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Hey guys, it’s the first time I’ve ever had to do this which is sad if you think about it. I feel extremely exhausted of life, people, my family who I thought would be there for me, and I’m so tired of crying, I’ve had to deal with major depression since I was 13 and I’m currently 20 and I just can’t take it no more, sometimes I really wish I was dead, I wish I was never born, I want to go back to the time where I didn’t care about my feelings, when I used to just hurt myself to feel better, things are getting harder and harder for me when it comes to my image, my weight, how I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me because I’m ugly or fat, the constant feeling of hating the way I look, how disgusted I am of my body, not having friends besides my boyfriend and depending emotionally on him and how I crave a real friendship and way more things like that. I just really wish I had somebody that motivated me to do better, somebody who I can fully express my feelings to when it comes to myself… I just need that.

Post anonymously?

hey girl, it’s alright to not be fine, I would suggest u spend time with yourself, just try it out once, and about your boyfriend, don’t worry about that, if he deserves u, he will definitely stay with u. Stay happy and don’t overthink my friends, things will be better soon.


Hey, don’t worry about anything just focus on yourself and being happy. If it’s really bothering you can try to talk to your boyfriend about this. If he is true, then he would support you and encourage you. Also, we all look different so don’t think that you are ugly or fat, we all are different in our ways. I am actually a bit obese for my age and I don’t really look like one of the pretty girls but that’s fine. What matters is your inner personality not your outer appearance.

Oh btw, you are not alone, you might think you are but there are people supporting you, like me (UwU) No matter what, I will try to support you !!!

also, when I was feeling bad about how I looked, my friend sent me this video and now it’s my turn to send this to my new friend - " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhcS9ywIQxg"

Hope I was able to help you