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Hey guys I’m got jealous at school today cause my boyfriend was not showing me who he was texting and I’m so scared to lose him

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Simran @st1199

You need to trust him on that. If he is your boyfriend you should know everything about him and whom he talks to, who his friends are, his habits and all. When you know that you have a faith on him. Also, it isn’t necessary that he needs to show everything to you just because you are his girlfriend. He has his own personal space and one shouldn’t come between that.

This is no where linked to loosing him. Just because he doesn’t want to show doesn’t mean he is cheating on you or flirting with some other girl. What you can do is talk about this to him. How you felt and he should understand your point.
It will clear the air.



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Your boyfriend should be showing you who he is texting!!! If he is not showing you, then there is something super sus. It’s better to know what’s up than to try to be ignorant so you can keep him.


Hey, I just wanted to say that somebody who is meant for you, wouldn’t go away. And who is not meant for you won’t stay. So if he is the right person then he will stay with u and if he isnt then you dont want him anyway. I know its not easy but when I’m worried I I remember this.


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